Water and Waste Water Treatment and Utilization

ECTS credits: 5
Course is open: No
Enrollment begun: 01.12.2017
Enrollment ended: 31.03.2018
Link to enrollment: Click to open
Studies begun: 08.01.2018
Studies ended: 31.07.2018
Academy: Lahti University of Applied Sciences
Language: English
Themes: Cleantech, Waste management, Circular economy, Natural resources, Risk management, Food and nutrition, Water, Society, Environment

After the course, the student
– understands how drinking water is produced
– understands what parameters have to be considered in drinking water production
– knows the most typical unit operations and their dependence on raw water
– understands how waste waters have to be treated to meet general requirements
– knows the most typical techniques in waste water treatment
– knows how to improve utilization of sludge
– knows how to calculate simple chemical calculations