Globalisation and Corporate Responsibility

Opintopisteet: 5
Ilmoittautuminen on avoinna: Ei
Ilmoittautumisaika alkoi: 24.02.2023
Ilmoittautumisaika päättyi: 02.03.2023
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Opintojakso alkoi: 13.03.2023
Opintojakso päättyy: 30.06.2023
Korkeakoulu: Turun yliopiston avoin yliopisto-opetus
Kieli: Englanti
Aihealueet: Kestävä kehitys, Talous ja yrittäjyys, Yhteiskunta, Ympäristö

This course will be divided into four parts:

  • The first part will discuss the basic concepts of sustainable development from the business perspective, and how businesses and the 2030 Agenda are interlinked.
  • The second part will discuss contemporary CSR theories, examine how sustainability values are embedded in (or even to some extent, against) corporate operation and practices, including the business model, and the processes of sourcing, producing, marketing, and the value chains.
  • The third part will specifically draw on experiences of CSR practices, sustainability issues, and stakeholders’ engagement in the Global South countries, including highlighting the institutional gaps that have an effect on how businesses identify opportunities and risks due to the dominating roles of local government and societies.
  • The fourth part will explore the increasing use of innovation and disruptive technology for sustainability in the Global South countries that will provide further opportunities or challenges for businesses’ CSR practices.