Globalisation and Corporate Responsibility

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Korkeakoulu: Turun yliopiston avoin yliopisto-opetus
Kieli: Englanti
Aihealueet: Kestävä kehitys, Talous ja yrittäjyys, Yhteiskunta, Ympäristö

Corporate (social) responsibility is the main framework for companies to respond to the global challenges and uneven development and to either reactively or proactively shape their reputation.

After the course, students will be expected to:
– Be familiar with the basic concepts of corporate (social) responsibility and how it continues to evolve in the increasingly globalized world
– Understand the content and aims of the United Nations? 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (hereafter, the SDGs)
– Identify the future opportunities and possible challenges facing the company practices across the globe using the SDGs in shaping the corporate strategies and operations